Quick Update

Responsive Traffic already stop paying the referral bonus since 1st of April, so sorry i have to announce that i need to stop my offer also.

I already received the last payment from Responsive Traffic:

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i hope will get more offer soon.

this time i won the daily member contest and i got $1.80 in my LR account..

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What are you waiting for? so GoladAge now and take my offer to get extra $6.50 for easy job :)
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hello guys, today i get payment from GoladAge again, i am one of the winner of the punch card contest :)

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Hello guy, today i receveid payment from GoldAge forum again..!! This payment is for the contest named "$5 For Becoming Premium Member & $3 For Referrers" where only 120 posts needed to complete this offer (i prefer say this as offer because every new GoldAge member can win the prize as long as they completed 120posts)  :)

I have a offer for this contest also, where i will give you up to $1.50 for being my referrals in GoldAge aand complete this contest (you will get $6.50 in total for 120posts).

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Please read more HERE.

LinkGrand is a very old site, even their pay rate per ads clikc is low (~$0.03 per click), but they are a paying site :)

Last few days ago i got a mail form them, i was informed that i won the weekly contest from their site which worth $20. I can't believe it at first because i never reach minimum payout at LinkGrand (since i am not very active), but now I already received the payment:

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This is a big surprise for me, i do not have any offer for my referrals yet, but if anyone interested please join under me:
Who know you are the next luckly member :)

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Even GoldAge is not a PTP forum, but there are a lot interesting contest everyday, we have big chance to win any cash of domain at there..

Please join my GoldAge posting offer (it is one of the contest), they are 100% paying.
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Do you know EcBarre? EcBarre is a autosurf site, you only need to download the surfbar and let it run on your computer, it won't affect the performance of your computer at all.

Payment Poof:

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Welcome to join me:

p/s: Contact me if you can't understand the language, i will prepare a tutorial to earn from this site :)

I just received my first payment from Prosperbux, welcome to join under me for my referrals bonus.

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important notes, please read

Here is some simple rules:
1. 50 ads clicks consider as one(1) block, you need to inform me no. of block when you request for bonus from me, which mean that you can request your bonus for every 50 ads clicks.
2. **All bonus will be paid after i receive the payment from the PTC sites, except for FIRST block/50 ads clicks, you can request from me without waiting me to get the paid out.
3. Please inform me after you join any program.
4. Payment via PayPal and AlertPay only, please allow me a few days to check and process the payment.
5. Your links are allowed to add in this blog, please read more HERE.
6. For testing site, rule (2) is not applicable, i will only pay after i get paid from them. Read more HERE.
7. You can search for more detail (include my referral state also) about the PTC sites from "Blog Achieve" or "Categories" section, and click banner above if you want to join.

**For certain PTC sites, i will pay without using this rule, it mean that you can request anytime after you complete your job, i will put the "" icon at the banner there, eg look at Neobux banner.

100% Referral Bonus

Search for more detail from "Blog Achieve" or "Categories" section. Click Banner to Join.

100% Referral Bonus (Testing Site)